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Everything kind of depends on money, but I think it should be possible. And next time you book tickets with a lay/over in Amsterdam, make sure to stay a few days. I know the weather is…

I don’t actually live in Amsterdam, I live in Utrecht (which I actually prefer, as Amsterdam is way too busy and touristy for my liking). It’s a shame you have so few vacation days. For me if shouldn’t be a problem to take the time off in the Summer (for SDCC) as I work in education, so summer means no teaching obligations. It is mainly the flight prices in holiday season I’m worried about, but If I save up, should be possible. I’ve never actually been to the US before, so could be a lot of fun. Meeting you and having Beeb there is a huge bonus as well.

Do you have any idea when I need to start looking into hotels, con tickets and such? Another thing that might be and issue (for America in general, I mean) is I’m not the greatest driver. I only have a license to drive an automatic and I’m not fantastic at that either. So car hire for me is not really an option.

(OMG I’m actually getting excited. A bloody year in advance.)

I know tickets were already on sale at the convention center, but I’m not 100% sure how that worked, I think you had to be there, etc etc. Every year they change ticketing so that’s always fairly unpredictable and also, tends to be messy. I would say Feb-March is a good time to start making plans - because that’s when they start announcing dates and such. But I keep an eye on the SDCC website so that if anything pops up I’m prepared. 

Every car is automatic over here, pretty much. It’ll be fine! once we get to San Diego we can use public transportation, or walk. And in LA you guys can stay with me. :) We should get on an email chain and start hammering out a few dates, yes? :D

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    The main thing I’m actually really worried about is getting the tickets. I’ve heard from other Dutch friends that it’s...
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